Australian Wagyu Beef Steak

Australian Wagyu Beef Steak 10oz

If you haven’t heard of Wagyu beef before then here’s a quick explanation of what it means to use the name Wagyu.

Wagyu literally means ‘Japanese cow’ (Wa-Japanese, Gyu – cow). The secret that gives this beef its legendary status is the high level of fat marbling. When you look at a Wagyu steak, there’s more fat than flesh. The fat is not the usual kind though, it is softer with a higher melting point and it’s this fat makes the tastiest, juiciest steak in the world. It really is no exaggeration – a melt in the mouth soft texture and depth of flavour you have to experience to understand.

The catch of course, is the price. Pure bred Wagyu can command a price of up to £195/kg which is beyond the pocket of most ordinary folk! So, when we came upon the opportunity to source some cross-bred Australian Wagyu for a much more affordable price, we snapped up the offer. Australian Wagyu is essentially a Wagyu bull crossed with an Aberdeen Angus Heifer. As you might expect from the crossing of these two breeds, the result is one heck of a steak.

It’s very important to us to offer products we know our customers will enjoy at an affordable price. Although this is not a local product, we feel it is a good opportunity for customers to try something slightly more unusual without breaking the bank.

When we sampled them (as they are fairly thick cut 10oz steaks) we pre-heated a griddle pan until it was hot and then we cooked one for 3.5 minutes on each side, flipping half way through. After resting for 10 minutes the steak was cooked medium rare, juicy, tender and delicious! We tried another steak cooking for 4.5 minutes on each side which produced a medium cooked steak, equally as delicious!

So if you are looking for something a little bit special for the meat lover in your life, treat them to an Australian Wagyu steak, I guarantee you will be back for more.

10oz Australian Wagyu Steaks available from Bare Village Butchers £19.95 each.

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