Welcome to our Brand-New Website!

new website blog post

At BVB we are incredibly excited to be posting our very first blog on our brand-new website! Only a few weeks ago this would have seemed like an impossible milestone for us to achieve. But thanks to our staff and Carl Liver at Media Sauce, here we are!

So much has happened over the last few months. Panic buying, lock down, scary times, sad times and times of hope and reflection.

We are very thankful to our new customers and of course our loyal customer base who have been supportive and patient through these very challenging weeks.

Way back when the pandemic began to loom large on the horizon, everyone in the country, and indeed this area, began to stock up. I think it’s safe to say the experience blind-sided us somewhat at BVB as we struggled to keep up with demand. Chickens were like gold dust, we couldn’t mince mince fast enough and every day felt like a crazy Christmas Eve.

There’s no way to describe the helpless feeling you have when you need to feed your family and you can’t leave the house to go shopping or you can’t get an online delivery. Even if you do get to the supermarket and you have to queue for an age, only to freak out once you get in there and forget half the things you went in for.

This is where our local delivery service came into its own. We had done the odd local delivery here and there but this was a different level. Suddenly lots of people started calling the shop and ordering deliveries. Thank goodness for our pal John Mills from the Hanging Basket in Lancaster. He volunteered to help with deliveries and has done a great job along with some of his family. Those first few weeks were a scramble to get organised…even the phones packed up they were being used so much.

Local butchers are a very traditional industry. They deal with people, not computers, pound notes, not Paypal. So, it’s thanks to Carl’s persuasion that we took the leap of faith and decided to go all out to create this easy to use website. We aim to bring you the same choice, freshness, service and value for money as if you were standing in the shop choosing your ingredients for tonight’s tea. We don’t want to take over the world, just to continue to serve our customers and make it easier for those who can’t get out, or those who simply don’t want to venture out.

So here we are, and isn’t it lovely! All our delicious fresh meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables, dairy and store cupboard essentials. We hope you enjoy using it and we hope to see you soon.

The BVB team.